Dubai. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Dubai. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Six Bangladeshi men who were given life sentences last year for kidnapping and raping two Indonesian domestic workers failed to win an appeal in a Dubai court last week.

On November 14, 2015, two men persuaded two Indonesian maids to abscond from their jobs for other job offers, The National, which focuses on news about the United Arab Emirates, reported on Saturday.

However, the two men locked the two women in an apartment in Al Rashidiya, Dubai. 

The two women were then sold for 1,500 dirhams (about US$400) each to four Bangladeshi men who operated a brothel at Dubai International City. They were raped by the four men and forced into prostitution.

The case finally came to light when one of the two victims fell to her death from an apartment building during an escape attempt. Police rescued the other victim and arrested the four Bangladeshi men and the two men who had asked the two Indonesian women to quit their jobs. 

Last year, the four Bangladeshis were convicted by the Dubai Court of First Instance of raping the two women and running a brothel, while the two others were convicted of kidnapping after they denied all charges. 

The six men, aged between 25 and 44, were given life sentences, which in the UAE refers to a 25-year imprisonment. Three of the convicted  were fined 100,000 dirhams each, Gulf News reported.

They filed an appeal of their sentences. Last Wednesday, a court rejected their appeal and their penalty was not reduced.