Watching LeTV. Photo: LeEco
Watching LeTV. Photo: LeEco, the Shenzhen-listed arm of embattled Chinese conglomerate LeEco, said on Thursday that it has struck a deal with marketing firm Huayi Technology to establish an in-store TV media platform for 28,000 convenient stores in Sinopec gas stations, The Paper reported.

The company will integrate its advantages in the fields of Internet, video playback hardware and software development, big data and film and television production, so as to build up the TV media platform. Meanwhile, it will also work on internet and mobile services for car owners.

Huayi Technology is the exclusive operator of Sinopec’s Satellite Digital Media Network. Its main business includes digital large-screen TV advertising in gas stations as well as new media marketing.

Its services have covered 28,000 Sinopec gas stations nationwide, and it owns 5,600 large screens across the country.

This is another sign that the management team is trying to put the company’s business back on track, after it announced that strategic investors such as Tencent,, Suning and TCL have reached an investment interest in the TV manufacturing subsidiary of the company, Leshi Zhixin.