Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Kuwait. Photo: Kuwaiti government

The Kuwaiti government has ordered the Philippine Ambassador to Kuwait to leave the country in one week. On Wednesday, Kuwait’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that Renato Villa has been notified that he is persona non-grata in the country and ordered him to leave in one week, Kuwait News Agency reported.

The order came after the efforts to rescue distressed Filipino domestic workers organized by the Philippine embassy in Kuwait. The Kuwaiti government said the rescues were illegal and a violation of the State of Kuwait law.

“The State of Kuwait Government affirms that such acts and states constitute explicit breach of international principles and covenants,” the Kuwaiti government said in a statement.

The Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said in a statement that the action taken by the Kuwaiti government was “deeply disturbing.”

“It is inconsistent with the assurances given by Kuwaiti Ambassador Musaed Saleh Ahmad Althwaikh during his meeting with Secretary Alan Peter S Cayetano in Manila on Tuesday,” the DFA said.

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