Amman, Jordan. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Amman, Jordan. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

An Indonesian domestic worker missing for 13 years has been rescued by officials from the Indonesian Embassy in Amman, Jordan.

Dastin bin Tasja, 30, who went to Jordan in 2005, was rescued after her case was reported by local media in her hometown in Indramayu Regency in West Java, Indonesia’s Ministry of Manpower said in a statement.

According to the ministry, Tasja flew to Jordan with a tourist visa and worked for several employers who were arranged by an employment agency, which was later closed down.

Tasja lost contact with her family in Indonesia after her arrival while working for different employers. During her 13 years in Jordan, she  “forgot” how to speak Indonesian and only understood Arabic.

Suseno Hadi, manpower attachė at the Indonesian Embassy in Jordan, said Tasja was brought to a shelter in Amman and will be repatriated once she receives her unpaid salary.

“She is very happy as she lost contact and has not communicated with her family all this time,” Hadi said.

Jordan’s Ministry of Labor said there are 2,805 Indonesian domestic workers in the country, but only 505 of them are working legally.