Tap Seac Square, Macau. Photo: Google Maps
Tap Seac Square, Macau. Photo: Google Maps

A 47-year-old Indian man was arrested at Macau International Airport and sent to the Public Prosecutions Office accused of fraud after allegedly deceiving a countryman into believing he could help him get a job in the city.

The complainant reported to the Judiciary Police that he had been scammed out of 45,000 patacas (about US$5,600) by a fellow Indian surnamed Rana, Today Macau reported.

It was understood that the complainant had seen a newspaper advertisement about a job opportunity in a Macau hotel. He contacted Rana and they met in India, where he was told he could get the job that paid 12,000 patacas a month.

Rana allegedly asked for 45,000 patacas as an “introduction fee” and was paid 10,000 patacas in India before the two men flew to Macau together in February.

The complainant said he paid the remaining 35,000 patacas to Rana once he arrived in Macau.

Rana had arranged accommodation in the city for his countryman and asked him to wait for the “good news.” However, no such news was ever received, and attempts to contact Rana failed. Other Indians who lived in the area of Macau where he was staying suspected that he was being scammed.

On April 4, he was able to meet with Rana in Tap Seac Square, a major public square in the city, and was told that he could get his money back. However, when the two men discussed the issue in a restaurant, Rana suddenly left, leaving his backpack behind.

Suspecting that Rana might try to flee Macau, the alleged victim and some compatriots went to the airport and intercepted him there. Judiciary Police arrested Rana but he denied committing fraud.

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