North Point in Hong Kong where the woman refused to leave a room. Photo: Google Maps

A female domestic worker was sent to hospital for a medical check after locking herself in a room in a North Point residence on Hong Kong Island on Wednesday.

At 9:40am the maid, a recent arrival in Hong Kong who was thought to be homesick, became emotional and locked herself in a room in her employer’s apartment in North Point, the Oriental Daily reported.

She reportedly screamed and cried inside the room and her female employer was unable to open the door, so she called police. When police and firemen arrived, they calmed the maid down and persuaded her to open the door and leave the room.

The maid was sent to hospital accompanied by her employer, but was still unstable and screamed when the ambulance arrived. Members of the foreign workers community advise newcomers to cope with homesickness by meeting people, joining clubs and associations or taking up a hobby.

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