Shek Pan Tam in the New Territories where the accident happened. Photo: Google Maps, Chun To Luk

A 42-year-old female hiker fell to her death on Sunday while taking a selfie on a hiking trail near Sha Tau Kok, a border town in the northeast of the New Territories.

The woman, an avid hiker, started her trek alone in Luk Keng in the Pat Sin Leng Country Park on Sunday morning, news website reported. She later joined two other hikers and the three headed to Shek Pan Tam, a scenic spot popular for its potholes and rock pools.

At about 4pm, they arrived at Shek Pan Tam and posed for photos. While the woman was taking a selfie, she slipped on a rock and fell into a two-meter deep pool below. She hit her head on rocks during her fall and sank into the pool unconscious.

Another 34-year-old female hiker immediately called police and a rescue mission was launched involving police, firemen and government flying services. The unconscious woman was then taken to the Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital on Hong Kong Island, but was pronounced dead at 7pm.

Chung Kin-man, a veteran mountaineer, warned that rocks in the area could get slippery if moist. He advised hikers to wear non-slip shoes and not to hike alone, the Apple Daily reported.

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