Lucky Plaza on Orchard Road, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps
Lucky Plaza on Orchard Road, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps

A Filipino pub cashier was fined S$2,000 (US$1,530) by a Singapore district court on Wednesday after pleading guilty to helping his boss provide customers with “takeaway” sex sessions with the pub’s female performing artistes, also Filipinos.

Mitra Lino Jr Alvarez, 38, who worked as a cashier and bartender at Ok Kalang Pinoy Pub on the sixth floor of the Lucky Plaza shopping center, had been accused of helping the pub’s licensee Omar Kasmuri, 49, a Singaporean citizen, with vice-related activities, The Straits Times reported.

The court learned that customers could pay the pub S$300 for a five-hour sex session with one of the Filipino women performing there as “artistes.”

As the cashier, Alvarez was responsible for collecting the payments, and he knew that the men were taking the Filipino women out for sex, according to the prosecutor.

Meanwhile, the cases involving Kasmuri and his 50-year-old mistress Elena Medalya Alvarez Ma, who is Mitra Alvarez’ mother, are still pending.

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