Macau where the alleged assault took place.
Photo: Google Maps
Macau where the alleged assault took place. Photo: Google Maps

A 35-year-old Filipino man was arrested on Sunday for allegedly raping a Filipina after a party in Macau. The man, who moved to Macau in 2015 and worked as a security guard, was arrested after he was caught allegedly indecently assaulting a 25-year-old Filipina, the Macau Daily News reported.

The incident happened after the victim’s cousin invited friends, including the man, to a party in her flat on Rua dos Ervanários at 10pm on Saturday. When the party ended at 4am on Sunday, the women went to their bedroom to sleep. The man said he was drunk and tired and asked to sleep in the living room.

The victim and her cousin went to sleep in their room which had a bunk bed. At 6am, the woman sleeping on the top bunk awoke to find the man indecently assaulting her. She resisted and woke her cousin on the lower bunk.

Others in the flat helped detain the man and called police. When police arrived the man admitted he had gone into the women’s room and committed indecent assault, but denied raping the woman.

After an investigation and medical examination, police concluded the woman had been raped. The man was taken to the public prosecutions office to be charged, Today Macau reported.

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