The girl fell from Block 836 on Tampines Street 82 in Singapore. Photo: Google Maps
The girl fell from Block 836 on Tampines Street 82 in Singapore. Photo: Google Maps

A four-year-old Filipino girl survived a four-story fall but was left with serious injuries after tumbling out the window of a flat in a Housing & Development Board block in Tampines, Singapore, last Friday night.

The girl had been left unattended in the flat for 20 minutes before the fall.

The girl, named as Sachi Hailey Unique Cruz, arrived in Singapore with her grandmother on April 1 to have a holiday with her 24-year-old mother, Jenica Julien Santelices. The girl’s mother works as a restaurant customer service officer, The Straits Times reported.

The girl and her grandmother were staying at an apartment on the fourth floor of Block 836 on Tampines Street 82. At 9:10pm on April 6, the grandmother left to go to a nearby market to buy food, leaving the girl alone. The gate and all the windows in the flat were shut.

Twenty minutes later the grandmother saw a large crowd outside the block of flats when she returned from the market. She went to the flat and was shocked to find a window open and her grandchild gone.

She rushed downstairs and found the girl being treated by paramedics and police. Her granddaughter was rushed to Changi General Hospital where she reportedly suffered from internal hemorrhages to the lungs and liver and multiple fractures to her spine and shoulder.

She was transferred to KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital for further examination and treatment. A fundraising page has been set up on to cover the girl’s accumulating medical bills.

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