Police headquarters on Lantau Island. Photo: Google Maps
Police headquarters on Lantau Island. Photo: Google Maps

A 21-year-old Filipino who has a Hong Kong identity card was arrested on Friday for allegedly raping his girlfriend in Tung Chung on Lantau Island.

The man and his girlfriend, a 24-year-old local woman, were at a flat in a private housing estate on Kin Tung Road in Tung Chung at 10am. The woman wanted to break up with the man but he refused, Oriental Daily reported.

The woman slapped the man on the face several times but he insisted on winning her love back. Finally, the woman agreed not to break up with him.

The man then wanted to have sex but the woman refused. However, the man allegedly ignored her refusal and raped her.

Police arrived at the apartment to investigate what was going on as they had received a complaint about noise coming out from the flat.

Officers found the man’s face was injured and the man said his injuries were caused by the woman during their argument. Then the woman told the officers that the man had raped her.

After an investigation, police arrested the man for alleged rape and the woman was detained at the police station for further inquiries about an alleged common assault.

The crime unit at Lantau Police station is following up on the case.

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