In the Philippines, only Muslims can divorce. PHOTO: iStock
In the Philippines, only Muslims can divorce. PHOTO: iStock

Filipino woman being abused by their husbands or trapped in unhappy marriages are hoping that divorce will soon be made legal in their country.

Krista Dador told ABS-CBN News that even though her husband nearly killed her, she could not file for a divorce in the Philippines. Dador said she and her husband separated eight years ago, but she could not afford to file for an annulment.

Dador said she is hoping to become a domestic worker in the Middle East to earn enough for an annulment. “I almost died from my husband’s beatings and yet I have to convince the courts why I want my marriage dissolved,” Dador said.

It was a similar case for Mar-Vic Cagurangan, who said she worked day and night to raise PHP100,000 for her annulment. Cagurangan said she waited 10 years for her annulment to be granted.

She also claimed court officials asked for bribes to expedite her case, asking her to pay PHP5,000 for each hearing. “Because I desired to be free, I was compelled to give them more,” Carurangan said.

The Philippines is one of only two countries without a divorce law. Only Muslim citizens in the country, which make up 10% of the population, have the right to divorce.

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