Russia's President Vladimir Putin talks to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Photo: Reuters/Philippe Wojazer

As the German government’s backing of a US-led strike on Syria provokes criticism at home, one scholar says Europe is no longer relevant in the conflict.

“Europeans and Americans no longer play a role there,” German Middle East expert Guido Steinberg of the Science and Politics Foundation said on German television Monday. “The Iranians, the Russians and the Syrian government forces dominate the events. There will be a solution sooner or later – but without the West. ”

His comments come as German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas calls for a peace process in Syria under the auspices of the UN, but rules out any role for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, according to Die Welt.

While Economics Minister Peter Altmaier defended Germany’s non-participation in the military strikes, others decried even the rhetorical backing of the action. Green politician Jürgen Trittin sharply criticized the air strikes, saying one should not simply respond to the massive violation of the international law with violations of international law.

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