A Vietnamese maid working in Macau says she was raped by her employer. Photo: Google Maps

A 45-year-old local man was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly raping his Vietnamese maid in Macau on Monday. The businessman was arrested after his domestic worker, a 41-year-old Vietnamese woman employed by the man late last year, filed a report to police claiming she was raped.

The alleged incident happened in the man’s upscale apartment on Avenida do Nordeste, the Jornal Cheng Pou reported.

In the afternoon on April 8, the maid alleged the man asked her to go to the master bedroom and help him tidy his hair and massage his waist. There were no other family members at home at the time, she told police.

After 30 minutes, the maid claimed her employer pushed her onto the bed and raped her despite her resisting. She said she then went to her room and waited until the man’s children returned home and told them what had happened.

The maid reported the case to police the following day. On Wednesday, the employer and his lawyer went to the police station and denied the accusation, claiming the maid had consensual sex with him, Today Macau reported.

However, a forensic examination found the maid had been sexually assaulted. There were bruises on her wrists which forensic experts believe may have been caused when she resisted.

Police arrested the man and transferred the case to the public prosecution office for further investigation.

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