Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. PHOTO: Wikimedia Commons/Petritap

An official from the Czech Republic said the country would open its labor market to Filipino workers. Martin Smolek, a deputy minister for Legal and Consular Affairs, said the Czech government was looking to hire migrant workers from the Philippines, Manila Bulletin reported.

“One of our directors suggested to us to hire Filipinos because we have good experience with them,” Smolek said.

Smolek said the Philippines had many skilled people fluent in English. He added that Filipinos are also unlikely to stay in the Czech Republic illegally. He also noted that the Philippine government cares for its migrant workers and follows a strict process in deploying them.

“The Philippine government’s system is very strict, which is very convenient to us because we are searching for those countries where workers are not misused and they try to select the right people,” he said, adding that the country had been thinking about hiring Filipinos two years ago.

In late January, the Czech Republic approved 1,000 job opportunities for qualified Filipino workers. “We will try to enlarge the system now and see how it will run, and we hope it will run smoothly,” Smolek said.