Virtual jet design tests. Photo: iStock
Virtual jet design tests. Photo: iStock

Ctrip, a Nasdaq-listed Chinese online travel services provider, has announced a strategic investment with Boom Technology, the world’s leading supersonic aircraft manufacturer, to help it accelerate the R&D of the Mach 2.2 commercial passenger aircraft, The Paper reported.

Blake Scholl, co-founder and CEO of Boom, is looking forward to introducing supersonic flights to China with Ctrip. The flight time from San Francisco to China will be reduced from the current 11 hours to 6 hours, according to Scholl.

At the same time, Boom will assist Ctrip to secure 10 to 15 seats for Ctrip customers on certain supersonic flights.

Though Ctrip did not disclose the specific transaction amount and method, the plan indicates the tendency of online travel agencies investing in the aviation industry.

The company’s major domestic competitor,, has partnered with Royal China Int’l to explore aviation tourism.