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The fifth-generation, or 5G, sector is laden with potential. Which company will rise to be the dominant hardware provider will likely be decided in 2020. Photo: iStock

The first 5G trial network in Chongqing was officially introduced on Monday, promoting the maturity of related products and marking an important start in the commercialization of the network, The Paper reported.

The trial network will be open to those institutions and individuals who are interested in participating in 5G innovation. The scope of the trial will include The Internet of Cars, autonomous driving, smart cities and online AR/VR.

It is reported that there are three major application scenarios for 5G. First, to enhance mobile broadband, the peak rate of the 5G network will be more than 10 times that of 4G networks.

Second, massive machine communication will realize full coverage of every scenario from production to consumption, establishing links from people to objects, which is, “all things connected.”

Third, the communication response speed will be reduced to milliseconds. For example, self-driving cars will respond to obstacles faster than humans.