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Amid the United States chip embargo on Chinese phone-maker ZTE, the nation’s technology giants have turned their focus to the rapid development of chip-related businesses, National Business Daily reported.

Alibaba said it is planning to buy Hangzhou C-SKY Microsystems, which is said to be the only self-developed embedded CPU IP core company as a whole.

Zhang Jianfeng, CTO of Alibaba, thinks IP Core is the mainstay of basic chip capabilities, while entering the IP Core area will lay a foundation for the Chinese chip sector to be self-dependent in the future.

It is worth noting that Alibaba has invested in a number of chip companies such as the Cambricon, Barefoot Networks, DeePhi Tech, Kneron and ASR.

Meanwhile, domestic tech giants including Tencent, iFlytek, and Xiaomi have also entered the cloud chip field in the form of investment or self-research, such as Huawei’s semiconductor subsidiary HiSilicon and Baidu’s XPU.

Evergrande, a real estate giant, also announced its involvement in the integrated circuit industry.

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