The man holding a child out of a car. Photo: screen grab
The man holding a child out of a car. Photo: screen grab

A Chinese father who held his young son out the window of a moving car to relieve himself has come under a hail of criticism for his reckless behavior.

In a video taken by someone in the following car, the man is seen holding his son out of the moving car, twice, for about two minutes as the child relieved himself on the road, Tencent News reported.

The incident happened on a busy flyover in the southwestern Chinese city of Chengdu. Many people who saw the video commented, saying they were furious that the man put his child in a dangerous situation and allowed the boy to soil the street.

“What if he dropped the kid on such a busy road?” asked one netizen.

The video has been shared by numerous netizens with some threatening to launch an operation to find the man’s identity and push for him to be charged with negligence and child abuse.

Others urged parents traveling with children to take them to the bathroom before setting off or to have plastic bottles or napkins in their cars.

Chengdu’s traffic police said they would find the man as they have the car’s numberplate, which is seen in the video. The city’s traffic safety bylaw stipulates that no one should lean out or put any limb out of a moving vehicle as to overhang the road. The maximum penalty is 2,000 yuan and a 10-day detention.