Clean and dirty air. Photo: iStock
Clean and dirty air. Photo: iStock

China stands to become the world’s largest market for clean air technology, as key areas of the clean air sector are projected to reach a market size of 20 trillion yuan (US$3.19 trillion) by 2030, The Paper reported.

According to the China Clean Air Market Outlook 2030 published by the Chuanglan Think-Tank, there are several key areas related to clean air which offer great market potential.

The report says the new energy automobile market will exceed 14 trillion yuan, while mobile source emission controls will generate a market greater than 2 trillion.

The market space for environmental monitoring will exceed 130 billion yuan, and indoor air pollution prevention and control will bring a 1.7 trillion market, the report said.

In addition, the prevention and control of coal-fired pollution and industrial VOCs pollution will create markets greater than 1 trillion yuan and nearly 800 billion yuan, respectively.