The demand for English teachers is growing in Beijing and other parts of China. Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Kentaro lemoto

The Philippines and China are expected to sign an agreement this week that will allow thousands of Filipinos to work in China teaching English. On Monday, Chito Sta. Romana, the Philippines’ ambassador to China, said the two countries are expected to sign the agreement, the Philippine Star reported.

“There are some minor details still being ironed out, but if everything works, the agreement is to hire more Filipino English teachers for China,” Sta. Romana said.

Before his departure for China on Monday to attend the Boao Forum for Asia, an international economic forum that serves as a dialogue platform for leaders in the Asia-Pacific, Philippine President Rodrigo Durterte announced that China needed at least 100,000 Filipino English teachers.

According to Sta. Romana, there is a growing demand to learn English in China. He also said the Philippine government was working on plans to allow Filipino domestic workers to work legally in China, GMA News reported.

“The Chinese middle class is growing, they look at what’s happening in Hong Kong and there is a growing demand for English-speaking domestic workers,” he said.

In January, Beijing municipal authorities considered a proposal to allow foreign domestic workers in the city. The demand for domestic workers in Beijing was increasing as more families were having a second child.

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