Coomera Indoor Sports Centre, where the Commonwealth Games are being held, on the Gold Coast near Brisbane. Photo: Google Maps

A Filipino Australian gymnast has won a gold medal at the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast in eastern Australia.

Christopher Remkes, 21, is a Filipino native who was left outside a hospital in the Philippines when he was only two days old. He was adopted by an Australian couple at the age of two and brought to Australia, the Daily Mail reported.

Remkes started training for gymnastics when he was five years old. He said he owes his success – in winning the men’s vault at the Coomera Indoor Sports Centre – to his parents, Mike and Dora.

“Without my parents, I wouldn’t be here today. I would probably still be in the orphanage,” Remkes said.

On Monday, he represented Australia at the Commonwealth Games. He won the gold medal at the men’s vault, which was his adopted country’s first gold in that division in 24 years.

“I owe everything to my parents. They gave me so much love and support and drove me around to all the competitions,” he said.

Australia was leading the medal tally late on Tuesday with 41 golds and over 100 medals, with England second (23 golds and 70 medals) and India third (11 golds and 20 medals).

The Commonwealth Games brings former English colonies together for multiple sports events every four years. They were was first held in 1930.

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