The homepage of Crypto Rabbits, a blockchain game developed by Xiaomi.

Chinese tech company Xiaomi has launched its blockchain game, Crypto Rabbits, though it is still in the internal testing phase with access to certain features, The Paper reported.

Similar to other blockchain games, Crypto Rabbits allows users to collect and breed cartoon rabbits. Each rabbit comes with a specific set of attributes and is recorded in the open and transparent blockchain. Once owned by the user, it cannot be copied, modified or destroyed by anyone.

It is worth noting that the user service agreement does not allow using the service for financing or to engage in the exchange of crypto rabbits, points, legal currencies or virtual currencies.

Crypto rabbits and points also cannot be be sold and any intermediate services are entirely banned. Otherwise, Xiaomi will immediately and unilaterally stop providing services to users.

Internet companies such as NetEase and Baidu also launched similar games, and are remaining cautious about the trading feature. They dare not go any further by allowing the trading of crypto pets with cryptocurrencies.