Bedok North neighborhood, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps
Bedok North neighborhood, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps

A Singaporean woman has been sentenced to six weeks in jail after physically assaulting a 24-year-old Indonesian domestic worker whom she had accused of being rude while receiving a scolding – in a language the maid could not understand.

Liang Dongmei, 36, a divorcee and mother of three, had a heated discussion with her domestic worker, Shinta Ariahny Saputri, regarding her youngest daughter’s breakfast one morning in January 2017 at her former husband’s apartment in Bedok North, The Straits Times reported.

Finding the maid’s tone of voice and attitude impolite, Liang, a former Chinese national, reportedly began scolding her in Mandarin, a language the Indonesian maid could not comprehend.

The court learned that as Saputri did not understand the scolding, she did not look at her employer, which further infuriated Liang as she thought the maid was being rude. She pulled Saputri’s hair in revenge.

The victim decided to pack her things and leave, but Liang prevented her by holding on to the front door, during which she scratched the maid’s face.

The Indonesian maid later fled the apartment successfully and alerted the police.

The court handed Liang six weeks in jail on Tuesday after she pleaded guilty to one count of assault.

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