Western District, Hong Kong Island. Photo: Google Maps, HK Government

Photos of a wild boar seen swimming in the waters of Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour on Tuesday evening have gone viral on social media.

The photos were taken by a photographer named Cheuk Wai-lim, at 5:30pm, from the Western District Public Cargo pier, on Hong Kong Island, news website HK01.com reports.

Cheuk said the animal seemed like it was enjoying being in the water and splashing around. He added that a boat approached but stopped when the helmsman spotted the boar swimming.

After splashing around for a while by the pier, the boar swam off in the direction of Kennedy Town.

Passersby later said they saw a wild boar at the pier near the bus terminal in Kennedy Town.

It was not the first time a boar has been spotted swimming in Hong Kong.

In November 2015, six men who were practicing Dragon Boat racing in near Tseung Kwan O, in the New Territories, saw a wild boar in the water. They rescued it and called the police.

According to a veterinarian quoted by HK01.com, wild boar are good swimmers.