The Hong Kong High Court where the case is being heard. Photo: Wikipedia

A Hong Kong High Court judge said on Tuesday that she would consider two Filipino asylum-seekers’ applications to overturn the decisions by the Torture Claims Appeal Board decision to reject their applications for non-refoulement.

Marierol M Puno told the court that the appeal board did not grant her a hearing and she never received a letter asking her to make a submission, reported.

Puno had said earlier that the board failed to consider relevant information, did not show cultural sensitivity, and did not take into account actual conditions in the Philippines and abuses that were happening there.

Judge Amanda Woodcock said she would consider Puno’s reasons.

Meanwhile, another Filipino, Emilyn Mapili, whose earlier application for leave to appeal was rejected by the High Court, sought a judicial review of the board ruling on her non-refoulement application.

Judge Woodcock told Mapili that she had written to her last December 19 asking her to offer reasons for her application but the Filipino did not reply.

Mapili said she could not understand the instructions and her boyfriend had told her to wait two months before submitting the form.

The judge said she was holding her decision in reserve and would inform the applicant by mail about her ruling.