The ONE°15 Marina Club in Sentosa Cove, Singapore
Photo: Google Maps
The ONE°15 Marina Club in Sentosa Cove, Singapore Photo: Google Maps

Two Filipina domestic workers were seriously burnt in an explosion on a yacht at the ONE°15 Marina Club in Sentosa Cove, Singapore on the afternoon on March 22.

At 4:30pm, an explosion occurred on a yacht named Wilber after it had gone to the club to refuel, Lianhe Zaobao reports. People on the yacht included the 36-year-old yacht owner, surnamed Tu, and his wife, along with their three-year-old daughter, their eight-month-old son, and two domestic workers.

According to a China Press report, Tu, an investment consultant and restaurant owner, wanted to take his family out on the yacht to watch the sun go down.

The two domestic workers, who were closest to the fuel tank, had burns on 30% of their skin. The baby, who was held by one of the domestic workers, suffered minor injuries. The fire was put out by firemen at 4:50pm.

The six people on the yacht, together with nine other people who tried to put out the fire, were sent to the KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, many of them suffering from smoke inhalation. The domestic workers and the baby were kept in hospital, while the others were discharged after medical checks.

The two domestic workers underwent artificial dermis transplantation and are said to be in a stable condition. Media reports did not disclose any further information about them.

Police are investigating the case.