Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps

Three Filipino men aged between 31 and 54 were jailed for 18 months on Friday after pleading guilty, in Singapore’s State Courts, to stealing a total of S$41,000 (US$31,093) worth of casino chips at the Marina Bay Sands.

The trio, identified as Ryan Dimaunahan De Los Reyes, 31, Celiz Bernaldez Jerwin, 35 and Lazaro Floro Bumatay, 54, each pleaded guilty to two charges – conspiracy to commit theft and transferring the benefits of criminal conduct, Shin Min Daily News reports.

On January 17, the trio, who targeted high rollers and careless gamblers, were caught by closed-circuit television pocketing casino chips from baccarat tables.

The court learned that Bumatay had financial difficulties and, in October 2017, in Manila, he invited Reyes and Jerwin to join him in Singapore to enact the thefts. They had initially thought of using chewing gum on their palms before settling on double-sided tape, for better adhesion, when picking up chips from the tables.

Between January 13 and 17, Jerwin distracted gamblers and Reyes and Bumatay picked up chips when they were distracted or looking away. Bumatay was responsible for cashing the stolen chips every day before leaving the casino.

The trio each remitted S$1,000 (US$758) of stolen proceeds to the Philippines.

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