Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong. Photo: HK Observatory
Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong. Photo: HK Observatory

Just as Hong Kong residents were beginning to hope the weather was warming up, temperatures were forecast to drop on Tuesday night.

A cold front was expected to bring chilly weather to the city and the Hong Kong Observatory predicted appreciably cooler temperatures on Tuesday night, according to the weather forecaster’s website.

At 3pm on Tuesday, the temperature reached 23 to 25 degrees Celsius, but was forecast to drop to 17 degrees during the night.

The temperature will plunge even lower, to 14 degrees, on Wednesday morning.

The temperature difference between day and night will be relatively large, the Observatory said.

Under the influence of a fresh easterly airstream, it will be cloudier over the coast of China’s Guangdong province during the weekend and a warm and humid maritime airstream next week will bring foggy days over the region.