Shenzhen. Photo: iStock
Shenzhen. Photo: iStock

The Shenzhen municipal government plans to complete about 111.8 billion yuan (US$17.79 billion) in investment by 2020, with the aim of forming a systematic solution to the modernization of social governance and environmental protection, The Paper reported.

On Wednesday, the government released a construction plan for creating demonstration zones of sustainable development, putting forward four major projects to achieve, which include efficient use of resources, eco-environmental protection, healthy Shenzhen construction and social governance modernization.

The four major projects will receive an investment of 9.31, 48.29, 16.13 and 9.01 billion yuan, respectively. Meanwhile, the city will also invest 11.02 and 18.03 billion yuan to build up support systems for innovation and talent respectively.

According to the plan, by 2020, the quality of economic, social and environmental sustainable development in Shenzhen will reach the leading level in the country.

And by 2030, it will become a global sustainable city for sustainable development and form a series of experiences that can be replicated globally.

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