Senate of the Philippines. Photo: Google Maps
Senate of the Philippines. Photo: Google Maps

Philippine senators are pushing for a total ban on deployments of domestic workers to countries where they have faced abuse and exploitation, with Senate President Aquilino Pimentel III claiming that migrants often were treated little better than slaves.

Pimentel, who sponsored the resolution from the floor, said it would apply only to Filipino domestic workers, as they were more vulnerable to abuse, Philippine Daily Inquirer reported. All senators agreed to be co-authors, with many crossing party lines to show their support.

“Let us put an end to the practice of allowing our citizens to fall into the hands of cruel people who make no distinction between slaves and staff. The Filipino is not a slave,” Pimentel said.

He said many Filipinos were forced to seek work overseas to improve their lives and help their families and this would continue until the government was able to provide more employment at home.

“We should limit the places where they seek employment in to only those countries that provide Filipino workers the same rights and protections given to nationals of that country,” he added.

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