Kuwait. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Noblevmy
Kuwait. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Noblevmy

A Filipino who recently returned home after working as a maid in Kuwait said many of her compatriots were abused by their employers in that Middle Eastern country.

Leticia Orupe, 55, who worked in Kuwait for 15 years, said she was lucky to have good employers, but she was working in the country illegally. This restricted her movements, as she feared being deported, Philippine Canadian Inquirer reported.

She said that although her employers generally treated her well, her experience in Kuwait was painful. There were times when her employers’ children threw glass at her and she sustained multiple injuries.

Aside from working as a maid, Orupe also worked at a salon, where she met many Filipinos and learned that many of them had been abused. She said some of them were covered in bruises.

“Life in Kuwait is really hard. The work is hard and we were lucky if we could find a good employer. One is lucky enough if she could return home alive,” she said.

Orupe took advantage of an amnesty offered to illegal workers by the Kuwaiti government and finally returned home to the Philippines on Tuesday. She said she did not make use of the amnesty earlier because she could not afford the travel expenses. With the Philippine government’s assistance, she was able to fly back home for free.

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