Eastern Magistrates' Courts. Photo: Google Maps
Eastern Magistrates' Courts. Photo: Google Maps

A Hong Kong court is due to render judgment this Wednesday on the fate of an Italian restaurant manager accused of indecent assault and common assault of a customer.

Marco Bianchi pleaded not guilty to the charges at Eastern Magistrates’ Court on March 9.

Bianchi faced one charge of indecent assault for allegedly touching a Filipino customer, identified as “Miss X,” on the buttocks and common assault for bumping her in October last year, sunwebhk.com reported.

The defendant reportedly followed the woman as she was leaving the restaurant and then drew close to give her a hug, and his hand touched the top of the woman’s left hip, the court was told.

The defense lawyer told Magistrate Li Chi-ho on the second day of the trial that both acts were unintentional and that bodily contact was not unusual in Italian restaurants.

“It is not indecent because it is a gesture of friendship,” the lawyer said.

The lawyer also said that since Bianchi was tall, standing around 180 centimeters, and had long arms, he may have unintentionally touched the woman’s left hip.

Miss X gave evidence on the first day of the trial. Closed-circuit TV footage of the incident was played back in court but the defense said it did not show the alleged touching.

The court reserved judgment until March 28.