Quezon City Hall. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Judgefloro
Quezon City Hall. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Judgefloro

A government official from Quezon City hopes to establish a center for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) that supports repatriated Filipinos.

As reported by the Philippine Canadian Inquirer, Joy Belmonte, vice mayor of Quezon City, said the OFW Center would assist repatriated Filipinos in finding livelihoods.

She said that most OFWs lack financial literacy, which is why they often lose their savings quickly after working abroad.

“Many OFWs go home and they do not know how to use the money that they have saved. Their funds get depleted; they do not know how to invest properly,” Belmonte said.

She called on the mayor of the city, Herbert Bautista, to implement the center to help the increasing number of Filipinos returning home under the government’s repatriation program.

“This OFW Center has not yet been implemented. It requires the city mayor to implement it, so hopefully we would be able to do that,” she said.

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