The Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Patrick Roque

The Philippine government will meet with Kuwaiti officials this week to finalize a bilateral agreement on protecting Filipino domestic workers in Kuwait.

Alan Peter Cayetano, the Philippines’ foreign secretary, said eight Kuwaiti officials would be in Manila from Thursday through Friday to conduct negotiations, GMA News reports.

“We are looking forward to the conclusion of this bilateral agreement that we hope will be a model document in terms of providing the necessary guarantees to ensure the safety and well-being of our household service workers in Kuwait,” Cayetano said.

The proposed agreement is called the Agreement on Domestic Workers’ Recruitment, Employment, and Protection between the Government of the Republic of the Philippines and the Government of the State of Kuwait.

The Kuwaiti government has so far agreed to several conditions in the agreement, including a minimum monthly salary of 120 dinars (US$400) and at least eight hours’ rest per day for domestic workers.

Domestic workers will also be allowed to keep their passports and mobiles phones. They will only be permitted to work at one household.

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