Head office of the Overseas Filipino Bank in Manila. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A Filipino nurse in Saudi Arabia is hoping the new Overseas Filipino Bank will have lower remittance charges when she sends money back to her family in the Philippines.

The nurse named Marifhe, who has worked in Saudi Arabia for 24 years, said she and her husband Noel, who has worked there for almost 30 years, decided to work abroad so they could support their family, Arab News reported.

Marifhe said they were able to put their three children through college by regularly remitting money for their children’s tuition and other expenses via banks or money exchanges.

“It has always been like that since we started working in Saudi Arabia. It would have been better if there was a system that made it easier for us and if the remittance charges were lower so we could send more to our relatives,” she said.

Marifhe hopes the new Overseas Filipino Bank (OFBank) will help with her money concerns, as well as help them plan for their financial future.

“I would like to see how the bank will make remittance costs cheaper, as well as give me more trust in the Philippine banking system,” she said.

The OFBank, which was launched on January 18, will provide financial services tailored for the over 10 million Filipinos who work overseas.

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