The suspect was discovered hiding behind a billboard in Selangor, Malaysia. Photo: Google Maps

A migrant worker from Myanmar who allegedly killed his girlfriend in a budget hotel in Selangor, Malaysia, was arrested after being found hiding behind a nearby signboard.

Hotel staff discovered the woman’s body in the room at 10.55pm on March 15 and immediately called police, the Sin Chew Daily (Malaysia) reported. The woman, who had booked into the Kajang hotel room two days earlier, had multiple stab wounds in the stomach, chest and right hand.

A kitchen knife thought to be the murder weapon was found at the scene. Police have yet to identify the woman as there were no documents in the room, but they quickly tracked down the suspect, who was believed to be her boyfriend.

Police simply followed a trail of blood and discovered the man hiding behind a signboard for a dental clinic only 70 meters from the hotel. He was arrested and remanded for seven days while an investigation is carried out.

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