Port Dickson District Police Station, Malaysia. Photo: Google Maps

Two members of a family of four riding a motorcycle in Seremban, in Malaysia’s Negeri Sembilan state, were killed on Tuesday evening after their bike was hit from behind by a four-wheeled vehicle. The crash killed a 39-year-old Indonesian woman and one of her three-year-old twin daughters.

The accident happened on the Seremban-Port Dickson trunk road at 8:30pm when a 64-year-old driver crashed into the rear of the motorcycle, China Press reported.

A woman named Mulyana was sitting with her three-year-old daughter Hidayu at the rear of the bike at the time of the incident. Mulyana was killed at the scene, while the little girl was severely injured and died later in hospital.

The 47-year-old father, Akmin Hariyanto, and the other twin daughter Hidayah, sustained minor injuries.

A preliminary police investigation found that the driver of the four-wheeled vehicle had lost control. The investigation is continuing.