A KMB bus. Photo: Wikipedia Commons
A KMB bus. Photo: Wikipedia Commons

Photos and video of a 65-year-old man smashing and kicking the windshield of a bus in Sha Tin, in Hong Kong’s New Territories, went viral on social media on Tuesday.

At noon, the man surnamed Lee got on a KMB bus running from Mei Foo to Tai Wai, New Territories, Sing Tao Daily reported. When the bus stopped at East Rail Line Tai Wai Station, Lee looked around but did not get off.

The 37-year-old bus driver surnamed Chu closed the door and continued the journey.

Lee suddenly came forward to the driver’s seat and asked Chu why he didn’t let him off the bus. He then got emotional, and punched the windshield with his bare hands at least 10 times. Cracks appeared on the glass.

Lee then kicked and hit the windshield with his head before a hole was finally made. He ended up bleeding from his head and hands.

Passengers were shocked but some taped and took a photos of the damage before getting off the bus.

Police sent Lee to Prince of Wales Hospital for medical treatment.

It was understood that Lee suffers from mental illness, and police classified the case as such.

Kowloon Motor Bus Company said the bus had been sent for repair and that KMB might consider seeking compensation from the culprit.

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