Pulau Ubin, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps
Pulau Ubin, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps

Police have arrested a man who intruded into a village chief’s home on Pulau Ubin – the island northeast of Singapore – three times on Sunday evening amid concern for a newly-hired Indonesian maid, who was alone at home.

Indonesian woman Siti Masito, 30, arrived in Singapore last week and had worked for the 72-year-old village chief Chu Yok Choon and his wife for just three days. She was preparing a family dinner in the kitchen at about 6pm on March 11, Lianhe Wanbao (Singapore) reported.

Distracted by some unusual noises, the maid looked up and was shocked to find a man wearing only shorts coming towards her.

The man, reportedly in his forties, did not say a word and walked into the kitchen without an expression, prompting Masito to scream for help.

Three or four villagers who were chatting outside near Chu’s home dashed in and stopped the intruder before dragging him away.

However, the unidentified man returned two more times over the next two hours and had to be chased away by villagers on each occasion.

When the 62-year-old female employer surnamed Yang learned of the incident, she accompanied Masito when she reported the case to police.

A report in the Straits Times said the suspect was arrested on Monday evening, and police were investigating his reasons for intruding into the house.

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