Selena M. Gomez playing Martika. Photo: RTHK 31
Selena M. Gomez playing Martika. Photo: RTHK 31

A Filipino domestic worker in Hong Kong, who starred in an episode of Below The Lion Rock as a character named Martika, wants to earn a college degree.

Selena M. Gomez, 31, said in an interview with that she was cast to play lead character Martika through her employer, who was friends with a TV director in Hong Kong.

Gomez said she never expected to play a lead role in a movie and was grateful for the opportunity, despite not getting paid due to legal issues. She had acting workshops before filming started.

She said the story of Martika was relevant, especially to Filipino domestic workers, as it tackles the problems they face while working abroad, particularly with their finances.

She said she now dreams of earning a college degree. At the age of 17, Gomez could not continue her college education due to poverty. This prompted her to look for a job overseas so she could support herself and her family.

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