Tsing Yi in Hong Kong where the maid was wrongly accused of theft. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, WiNG

A Filipino maid’s employer who accused her of stealing a necklace was later forced to apologize when the necklace was found in the employer’s wallet. Domestic worker Mila, 42, who had been working for her current employer for eight months in Tsing Yi, said her female boss constantly scolded her and accused her of stealing things, reported sunwebhk.com, a news portal for Filipinos in Hong Kong.

Mila said when her employer could not find the necklace, she was ordered to look for it and accused of stealing it. She spent the whole day searching and denied taking the item.

After the family ate dinner, Mila was cleaning the kitchen when her employer came in with the necklace, saying she had found it in her wallet and apologized.

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