The domestic worker chose not to report the incident as she did not want any trouble. Photo: iStock

A Filipino maid quit her Hong Kong-based job after her male employer allegedly molested her and asked her to have sex with him while on a trip to China. The domestic worker had been employed by a Chinese family in Hong Kong for more than one month.

Her employer’s wife and son lived in Hong Kong while the husband worked in China, reported, a news portal for Filipinos in Hong Kong.

On February 16 the maid went to China with her employer’s wife and son to visit the husband during the Chinese New Year. During their stay in China, the husband asked the maid to have sex with him and molested her. She threatened to tell his wife what he did, but he asked her not to.

When they returned to Hong Kong, her employer’s wife told her to renew her visa as they would be returning to China in March. Fearing another unwanted advance by the husband, the maid decided to quit and returned to the Philippines.

She said her employer’s wife allowed her to leave and bought her a plane ticket to her home in Iloilo. She said she chose not to report the incident as she did not want any trouble and added she will not work overseas anymore as she was traumatized by the incident.

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