The area in Macau where the theft took place. Photo: Google Maps

A 31-year-old Vietnamese domestic worker pleaded guilty to one count of aggregated theft at the court of first instance in Macau on Wednesday.

She was arrested after her employer discovered valuables worth US$16,116 stored at the home on Rua do Patane had disappeared in March last year, the Macao Daily News reported.

The valuables included cash and two pieces of jewelry. When police investigated, they found the cash hidden behind a dryer on the balcony. The defendant, who had worked for the employer for four years, did not attend the trial on Wednesday, but the report did not say why.

According to the defendant’s statement, she admitted she was overcome by greed when she discovered the large amount of cash stored in the flat. She stole the money but claimed she was too scared to spend it and hid the cash.

She also claimed she did not steal the jewelry and did not know where the missing items were. The court adjourned the case pending a sentence.