The Court of First Instance in Macau. Photo: Macau Government

A 31-year-old Vietnamese maid has been given a suspended sentence of three years for stealing valuables from her employer in Macau.

The domestic worker was arrested after her employer reported having discovered that valuables worth US$13,559, including cash and two pieces of jewelry, were missing from the home on Rua do Patane in March last year, the Macao Daily News reports.

Police later found the cash hidden behind a clothes dryer on a balcony at the employer’s apartment, but could not find the jewelry.

The maid earlier pleaded guilty at the court of first instance to stealing the cash but insisted that she did not steal the jewelry.

As the employer could not confirm the loss of the two pieces of jewelry, the domestic worker was sentenced, on one count of aggregated theft, to one year and nine months’ jail, suspended for three years.

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