Manukau City, New Zealand. Photo: Google Maps
Manukau City, New Zealand. Photo: Google Maps

The Philippine ambassador to New Zealand has called for a boycott of donuts retailer Krispy Kreme after a Filipino woman was denied entry to its Manukau store on Wednesday because she is a foreign national.

Accusing the American-based multinational of engaging in racial profiling, Jesus Domingo said on Facebook it should be renamed KKK — Krispy Kreme for Kiwis only — for turning the woman away.

“How do we determine what makes a Kiwi?  I would have no complaints if everyone’s passports were being checked, but this sounds like this is a simple case of racial discrimination,” he said.

The unnamed women was queuing with her boyfriend Christopher Smith, 30, at the opening of the first New Zealand Krispy Kreme store when the incident occurred, News Hub reported. Free donuts were being handed out to early customers as part of a promotional offer.

Smith said they arrived at 2.30am, but were stunned when a security guard asked his girlfriend if she was a New Zealand citizen. When she answered that she wasn’t, the guard said “she has to go, she has to go”. The woman went and sat in their car for more than five hours. “I’m not a citizen here, I didn’t have the right to fight,” she explained.

Smith said at least three other people were turned away because they were not New Zealanders. “It’s just donuts,” he said.

Krispy Kreme Australia and NZ chief executive said Andrew McGuigan said in a statement the woman was probably refused entry because only New Zealanders were eligible to win prizes in a competition run during the promotional period. 

“When running a competition, we typically apply standard terms and conditions, which stipulate entry is open only to residents of the specific country where the competition is running,” he said.

“We understand New Zealand has a wonderful and diverse population. In hindsight, it was a lapse in judgment to apply our standard T&Cs. We are in the process of reaching out to them to rectify the situation.”

The company’s regional marketing manager, Russell Schulman, accepted that Krispy Kreme had no legal right to evict customers purely because they were foreigners. He said the woman should have been allowed in even if she was not eligible for the competition.

“It may be just a tired security guard being a little over-zealous potentially,” Schulman suggested.

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