Pasig City, Philippines. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Judgefloro

A Filipino was shot dead hours after returning home to the Philippines from working in Saudi Arabia. At 8:20pm on Monday, Ricardo Monteroyo, 47, who worked as an electronics and communications engineer for 10 years in Saudi Arabia, was shot twice in the head in Pasig, a city on the eastern border of Metro Manila, The Filipino Times reported.

Monteroyo’s wife said he had received death threats after he was involved in an investment scheme in 2015. She said the investment failed and the investors were after him.

Pasig City police said Monteroyo went to his cousin’s house in Manila right after arriving from Saudi Arabia. He was then preparing to meet with his wife when an unidentified man shot him in an alleyway.

Police say they recovered two cartridges from the crime scene and are continuing their investigation.

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