The alleged theft occurred in Rua de Xangai in Macau. Photo: Google Maps

A migrant worker from the Philippines was arrested after he allegedly stole two gold necklaces worth US$12,427 from a jewelry shop in Macau on Friday.

A 30-year-old Filipino migrant worker passing himself off as a customer went to a jewelry shop on Rua de Xangai in Nape district and said he wanted to buy gold necklaces, the Macao Daily News reported.

He first asked the salesman to show him two gold necklaces and then asked to look at a third necklace. When the salesman went to get the third necklace, the Filipino fled with the first two necklaces and the salesman chased him.

Police patrolling Rua de Xangai detained both men, but one resisted arrest and attacked a police officer.

Officers then searched the man and found the two gold necklaces in his pockets. The man told police that a family member had been sick and he needed money urgently. He was arrested for alleged theft and sent to the public prosecutions office.

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