Crisel Consunji and Anthony Wong Chau-sang in the movie.
Photo: Facebook, Still Human
Crisel Consunji and Anthony Wong Chau-sang in the movie. Photo: Facebook, Still Human

Crisel Consunji, a Hong Kong identity card holder of Filipino origin, recently starred in a local movie playing a Filipina domestic worker who takes care of a paralyzed middle-aged man.

The movie Still Human is a love story starring the outspoken and versatile Anthony Wong Chau-sang and his new Filipina domestic worker, who has put her dreams of becoming a photographer on hold. Together they learn about love and dreams and desire and overcome the difficulties in their daily lives.

Director Oliver Chan, however, said the movie was not only about love but also about what to do when lives seem broken, adding that everyone, regardless of their occupation, age, background and physical condition, should have the freedom and courage to pursue the wonderful things in life.

The male star said the movie is what he had longed to do because ethnic minorities have been living and working in the city for many years, but they never featured in many local movies.

“It was worth doing this movie as finally there is a film that talks about their stories,” he said.

Consunji said she loves the story because the director made the characters very human, which involved various degrees of emotion. The characters show how a person could turn into a stronger one despite all the battles in life, according to a Facebook page.

Consunji also said the movie brings out the difficulties ethnic minorities face in Hong Kong, including social and racial discrimination.

She moved to Hong Kong in 2008 and performed at HK Disneyland’s High School Musical Live. She stayed on to be a regular lead vocalist, most remembered as “Bebe,” the reporter-turned princess in “The Golden Mickeys.”

She is now a founder of a child development school in Wan Chai.

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