A Filipino seaman needed to undergo plastic surgery after he suffered a broken nose and cheekbones. Photos: Google Maps, Facebook

A Filipino seaman was allegedly beaten up by a Greek co-worker while onboard a ship in a port in northeastern Italy.

Nestor Alkuino Sr was working onboard the ship on Monday when his co-worker suddenly punched him repeatedly, Philippine News reported.

Alkuino suffered a broken nose and cheekbones after the incident and was rushed to Bufalini Hospital in Ravenna, Italy.

He reportedly needed to undergo plastic surgery to repair broken bones in his nose and cheeks.

According to his co-workers, the Greek national was a violent person and also the nephew of the ship’s owner.

Alkuino’s daughter posted pictures of her father on Facebook that showed him looking shocked and his face bloodied.

His daughter pleading for help to check on her father’s situation by allowing them to visit or contact him.

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